Wednesday, September 10, 2008

College Basketball

So at basketball class today we FINALLY did some stuff. We were in 3 lines running, passing, and shooting. VERY CONFUSING!!!! I tried to learn and when the other guys encouraged me to try to shoot, I passed the ball and had it passed back only it didn't land in my landed on my face. LOL embarrassing yet funny! So then he had the others playing 3 on 3 b-ball while the coach took me, danielle, and Ramen (sp?) to teach us the basics. I learned and eventually got it--and I got hit in the face with the basketball YET AGAIN. By 12:55 I was literally a sweaty pig lol EVERYONE was! My next class--Class Voice I--started at 1:00 so I had to literally run to my next class which was across the campus from the gym in the Music I building. Although since I was tired from running and doing basketball I didn't really run-i fast walked. I got to my next class just as Mrs. Petersen was starting it. I tried to be quiet, so as I was getting my backpack from underneath the chair (where I had hid it since I can't walk fast/run at all with it) and as I was going to kneel down I fell on my butt into the filing cabinet which made everyone look at me. That was AMAZING all the embarassing stuff today BUT it was the funnest and funniest days of my life lol