Thursday, November 20, 2008

Geology Trip

On Saturday the 15th of November, I went on a Geology Extra Credit Field Trip. About 30 people went along with 5 geology professors. I had ooodles of fun! I made new friends and took pictures and learned about and collected different types of rocks. Here are some of the pictures.

George MJ and Me



Some of my peeps

Me MJ and George


Thomas and others

Friend from Geology

Thomas and Me

Ashley and Ashlet

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

College Basketball

So at basketball class today we FINALLY did some stuff. We were in 3 lines running, passing, and shooting. VERY CONFUSING!!!! I tried to learn and when the other guys encouraged me to try to shoot, I passed the ball and had it passed back only it didn't land in my landed on my face. LOL embarrassing yet funny! So then he had the others playing 3 on 3 b-ball while the coach took me, danielle, and Ramen (sp?) to teach us the basics. I learned and eventually got it--and I got hit in the face with the basketball YET AGAIN. By 12:55 I was literally a sweaty pig lol EVERYONE was! My next class--Class Voice I--started at 1:00 so I had to literally run to my next class which was across the campus from the gym in the Music I building. Although since I was tired from running and doing basketball I didn't really run-i fast walked. I got to my next class just as Mrs. Petersen was starting it. I tried to be quiet, so as I was getting my backpack from underneath the chair (where I had hid it since I can't walk fast/run at all with it) and as I was going to kneel down I fell on my butt into the filing cabinet which made everyone look at me. That was AMAZING all the embarassing stuff today BUT it was the funnest and funniest days of my life lol

Saturday, August 9, 2008

New hair!!!! YESSSS


Superhero dance for the YSA

So on Friday night, me, Rachel, and Rebekah went to the Superhero Dance but instead we dressed as villains. Rachel was a witch, Rebekah was Ivy, and I was the child catcher from "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" that lures them away with candy. lol I eventually gave out the suckers to the peeps at the dance. Even though we only made it to 30 minutes of it, it was the FUNNEST dance I've EVER been to because I looked like a freak and I LOVED it!!!!! lol

End of summer party

So on August 2nd I had an end of summer party. It was also to celebrate my best friend Stephie J's birthday.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Sunny's Sweet 16

SO on saturday I went to sunny's AMA-ZA-ZING sweet 16 party. Even though I was 30-40 minutes late I had a really good time. I met new people who are now my friends The the whole group played red rover and we held hands a few times. There were two Davids at the party and at one time during the red rover game I was in between them. I have a really bad and weird sunburn in the picture because Friday I went to the lake with my brothers and dad and went wake boarding and tubing. I put on LOTS of sunscreen but I still got burnt. ANYWAYS...ttfn
kayty rice

Thursday, July 17, 2008

College class scandal

Ok so in my college math class there is a guy named Sean. I went to my prom with my friend sean MULLOY. The Sean in my class, well hi last name is MULLONEY!!! Can my life get any more awkward, funny, and bizarre? I probably spelt bizarre wrong but who cares. lol I hope I passed my test today. I cant believe I'm already half done with my class, yet I only started two weeks ago. lol : p
kayty rice

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

the nicknames of my past...

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So i know I've been changing the way I spell my name a lot but oh well get used to it. lol Years ago it was spelt Katie...then Katy...then Katey....then finally Kaity...but now that I've seen someone else spell it that is now Kayty. I got the spelling from a cute and sweet guy when he signed my yearbook in seminary on the last day. No I will not give any names...HAHA SUCKERS : p u know i love you. : )
Kayty Rice

my LAST math class EVA!!!!

So on Monday, July 7th, I started my last math class ever!!!! MAT 142. I'm so syched, that you have no idea how syched i am. lol There are only 12 people in my class. There is a Megan Whiley look alike lol. There is also a cute, smart guy in there also and guess what his name is...SEAN! I mean, why is it that I meet like become friends with a guy named Sean EVERYWHERE!?!?!?!? I mean there is 8th grade Sean, Party City Sean, Presidential Classroom Sean, and now College Sean. I think I'm gonna go crazy...don't you? Anyways this is my first blog since I signed up earlier today. My teacher is sorta famous too. She has ran a marathon on all 7 continents and is one of the 100 that has done it. AWESOMENESS!!!!
kayty rice